Ozone Air Sterilizer

Utilizing electrode plates, once charged by electricity they convert oxygen (O2) from the air into ozone (O3). This is then sent back out, pathogens and bacteria are then eliminated once the additional oxygen molecule attaches itself to them.

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Model : PD-CAF2AP-BK
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Product information

Optimized Air-flow

Intelligent operation

Eliminates 99% Virus

Odor Elimination

Noise free

High and Low Operation mode

<30cm sensor range

Auto On/Off

tech specs

Input Voltage: DC 12V

Power Output: <3.5W

Operating Temperature: 0-40 °C

IR Sensor Distance: 5-50 cm

Noise Level: 19 dB

Product Weight: 1139g

Product Dimension: 22 x 12 x 20 cm

Mold Purification CADR Rating: 98m /h

Mold Purification Effectiveness: 99% in 30 minute period

Other Particulates CADR Rating: 90m /h

Formaldehyde CADR Rating: 70m /h

CCM Rating: 5000mg