Braided Type C Cable 1.2M 3A(Aluminum)


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Braided Type C Cable 1.2M 3A(Aluminum)
Braided Type C Cable 1.2M 3A(Aluminum)
Braided Type C Cable 1.2M 3A(Aluminum)
Braided Type C Cable 1.2M 3A(Aluminum)

Porodo Braided USB-A to Type C cable comes in a 1.2M or 2.2m length. This cable is so suited for the data transferring process. You can share your data between your device and computer or hard drive at a high efficient speed. Braided wire is a type of shielding that gets built into a cable for two reasons: To protect the cable from electromagnetic interference (EMI). To increase the flex life and mechanical strength of a cable. so it is better to know that the braided material in this cable is the reason for its durability. Also, the material is fire resistant and it can be protective from over-heating or over-current. Porodo Braided USB-A to USB-C cable is one of the safest and most secure, meanwhile reliable cables for your device and it can ensure you that nothing going to happen to your device, including over-voltage, over-heating, and over-current. This cable has been built in fire resistance material. With the fast-charging opportunity, you can experience a fast-charging process for your device. The current for this cable at the optimum speed is 3A.
This cable is compatible with all the devices which support the USB-C ports and can be charged by the USB-C cable, not only for smartphones but also you can use it for other products which can be charged by the USB-C devices like blenders, cameras, and kitchen appliances.

  • Product : Aluminum Braided Type-C Cable

  • Model : PD-ACBR12-BK

  • Cable Type : Braided

  • Length : 1.2m

  • Connection Type : USB-A to USB-C

  • Current : 3A

  • Color : Black

Built-In Protection
Data Sync
Fast Charging
What's In The Box
  • Porodo Aluminum Braided Type-C Cable

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