Ozone Air Sterilizer 3.5W


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Ozone Air Sterilizer 3.5W
Ozone Air Sterilizer 3.5W
Ozone Air Sterilizer 3.5W
Ozone Air Sterilizer 3.5W
Ozone Air Sterilizer 3.5W
Ozone Air Sterilizer 3.5W

Porodo Lifestyle Ozone Air Sterilizer utilizing electrode plates converts oxygen (O2) from the air into ozone (O3). This is then sent back out, pathogens and bacteria are then eliminated once the additional oxygen molecule attaches itself to them. the air sterilizer will eliminate 99% of viruses.
It makes your place safe and sterilizes the air so you can have safe air to breathe. This air sterilizer is noise-free which means you can put it in your bedroom while you are sleeping so you can breathe fresh air and increase your sleeping quality. There are two modes for this.
You can choose to work on the high or low operation mode. This product is suitable for homes, offices, and cars.

LCD Display: Shows the percentage value and running mode Of the air purifying the product under the running State; when in the shutdown state and the display is off.

Power Button:
In the off state, short press the button to turn on the machine, the LCD screen is on; in the power-on state, press again to switch between high and low gears; long press(about two seconds) to turn off the power.

when the smart chip detects the accumulated operational time of up to 30 days, it will stop working automatically. turn into standby mode and display "Alarm" on LCD. Meanwhile, the cleaning icon flashes and turns red; a double-click start button will release the machine from standby mode and operates normally.

IR Sensor:
The deodorizer is equipped With a high-precision IR human body distance measuring sensor that can detect the human body's proximity and departure. It can turn into standby mode automatically when a human is close to the machine And automatically run after people leaving the effective distance.

  • Product: Ozone Air Sterilizer

  • Model: PD-CAF2AP-BK

  • Input Voltage: DC 12V

  • Power Output: 3.5W

  • Noise Level: 19 dB

  • Bluetooth: 4.0

  • Material: ABS + Aluminum

  • Dimension: 21 β˜“ 19.5 β˜“ 10.4cm

  • Weight: 650Grams

  • Color: Black

Mold Purification Effectiveness: 99% in 30 minute period
Formaldehyde CADR Rating: 70m /h
Eliminates 99% Virus
What's In The Box
  • Porodo Lifestyle Ozone Air Sterilizer
  • User Manual

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