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​Porodo was founded in 2012 with the purpose of providing an affordable solution for electronic accessories without compromising quality or technology. Porodo delivers thousands of products in a variety of categories all over the world.
Our goal is to provide a solution that meets your needs and expectations. We guarantee sound design and production with cutting-edge technology ideas, products, and services for everyone. Porodo products gained widespread attention, and they are now available throughout the Middle East and worldwide.​


Our main brand, Porodo, offers a versatile collection of tech essentials. Our chargers, cables, smartwatches, phone stands, docks, hubs, and power banks are crafted with the modern consumer in mind, blending functionality with style to meet the demands of your connected life.

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Porodo Gaming

Get the competitive edge with Porodo Gaming's specialized gear. Our range includes high-performance gaming headsets, responsive keyboards and mice, and ergonomically designed gaming chairs—all crafted to enhance your gaming experience and boost your gameplay.

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Porodo Soundtec

Immerse yourself in the ultimate audio experience with Porodo Soundtec. Our product range includes high-quality headphones, earbuds, and speakers designed to bring rich, clear sound to your ears. Whether for casual listening or professional use, Soundtec delivers superior audio fidelity.

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Porodo Blue

Stay connected with Porodo Blue's innovative charging solutions and accessories. Our extensive collection features the latest in chargers, durable cables, versatile hubs, and sleek earbuds, all engineered to sync seamlessly with your tech-driven life.

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Porodo Lifestyle

Enhance your home with Porodo Lifestyle's diverse selection of domestic gadgets and appliances. From kitchen essentials like food processors, juice makers, and air fryers to personal care items such as body scales and steam irons, our products are designed to foster comfort and efficiency in every aspect of your daily life. Embrace a touch of convenience with our cooling fans, toasters, blenders, and flashlights, each crafted to improve your living experience.

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